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Hello, everyone! Welcome to our little corner of dA. We hope you enjoy your time here! We're here to bring you the latest of the going-ons of the Full Metal Panic! 'verse, to showcase the works of the fans, start discussions on this amazing series, and perhaps even bring to light a fact or two you may not have known!

If you like what you see, please join! We'd love to have any and all fans on board! ^^ We'll do our best to make this a lively place, and bring everyone together through their love of FMP! ^.~




Two separate fan project ideas, details below ^^

Copy & Pasted from my FMP Tumblr, this entry:…

Differences: I mention tumblr specific ways of reaching me, of course you can just use comments or notes here to put in your two cents on the subjects.


Hey all, I’m trying to get an idea on the interest in a couple of fan projects I’m sort of hoping to be able to get going. If interest is low, then I won’t bother, but if there’s enough, then sometime come the new year, I’ll try to get things more organized and moving on them.

'Visual Novel' Style Video for the Arienai Radio Dramas
This is only possible for fully translated ones, which I can’t really provide, I’m just not good enough at Japanese for full translations, only general ones. If there’s enough interest in doing this seriously though, at least for the Arienai Jugyou set, maybe not Arienai Briefing, perhaps we might be able to find someone with more Japanese knowledge willing to give us a script to work off of.

Background Artist(s): Anyone willing to provide the basic background (we really only need one - a classroom), and backgrounds for the ‘event’ scenes (we’ll figure out which scenes from the dramas that we want to have a special image for)

Character Artist(s): Anyone willing to provide the basic characters - Same pose different expressions for the chat scenes. They’ll just be still while the subtitles go up for their speaking parts, or if their expression changes as the person they’re talking to speaks.

'Event' Scene Artist(s): For those special scenes where we want to show more than simple characters standing there chatting. More dynamic and involved.

Lineart vs Coloring: If you prefer to do one but not the other, that’s okay, too! Just let us know, I’m sure we’ll be able to split the work load!

And hey, if you’re good with doing multiples of these, that’s great too! Just trying to think of ways to split things up so we can get maximum involvement and keep the work load on individuals down.

And as a reminder of which ones are currently on the board…
Lesson 1 - Gates ::…
Lesson 2 - Leonard ::…
Lesson 3 - Gauron ::…

Probably just one or two ‘event’ scenes per lesson, depending… I dunno for sure. Any interest? I’m not an artist, so unfortunately organizing this is the best I can do. I can assemble the video, but I wouldn’t mind offers from people with more experience at that, too. About the only help I can do is base colors… That’s it. You’ve all seen my shading work, you know this to be true =P In a pinch, I can do it, but it won’t be as pretty if someone with a better eye for it did it

Ship Weeks?
I’m not necessarily sure we’re a big enough fandom to warrant full on ship weeks, but maybe a variation? I was thinking perhaps just a plain ol’ FMP Week with prompts, and you’re free to do whatever characters/ships/other-relationships you feel fit the prompt? Any medium would be allowed - art, fic, amv, etc, it’s just to maybe get people involved, even if just a little?

Or would people prefer to see full on ship weeks, and with which ships? Sousuke x Kaname and Mao x Kurz are a given… Tessa x Sousuke, and/or Tessa x Mao? Personally I ship Tessa with Yan, but I think that’s an even smaller ship than the others ^^; — Any others? Nami x Sousuke? Leonard x Kaname? Are any of these ships big enough to warrant a full on ship week?

Any OT3s, either? Tessa x Kaname x Sousuke? Nami x Kaname x Sousuke? (I ship it, I’m sorry…) Uh, just about anything else….?

This fandom doesn’t really have a lot of… ‘off’ ships, that I’ve noticed. We tend to stick pretty much to what was thrown in our faces, it seems XD I think there’s also a small Gauron x Sousuke ship floating around out there, and an even tinier Kurz x Sousuke one… To be honest, a few of these are things I, personally, rather vehemently DON’T ship, but I don’t mind organizing things for a ship week regardless! We’re all just dorks tossing fictional characters into crazy situations and relationships, so why not, right? ^.~

There’s also nothing explicitly saying that prompts for ship weeks have to be filled with ‘romance’ or ‘sex’ in mind, either! They could be friendship/enemy/anything in between or beyond, as long as it’s the characters in question! Like, I’d personally love to see lots of Kalinin and Sousuke stuff, but really only as friends and father/son, and similarly with Al and Sousuke and their growing friendship/camaraderie.

But yes, I was thinking we could also do something of an ‘FMP Month’ with different ships taking the spotlight during different periods of time? Or maybe spread them out, one week on, one week off, or different intervals, to make it easier to participate in multiple ship weeks?


Please feel free to give input! My submit should be open (and I’ll check once this is posted, so if it isn’t, it will be soon) if you’d like to give more detailed responses than asks/replies allow and don’t wanna reblog! I’d love to hear what people have to say about these! I’d especially like ideas for different ships to specifically feature, if people would rather see that, than an FMP prompt week! And also prompts! If you have a particular ship in mind with a prompt, then by all means, feel free to state as much!

And just a reminder, as I noted at the start of this, none of this will start until the new year anyways. I’m really busy between holiday prep, ‘spring’ cleaning (this is the best time of year for it where I live, even though it is winter), and my husband’s work and upcoming travel schedule! So lots of time to think about it and plan~!
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sorry that it's been a while dude ^--^ We are still alive, but things have just been... very ugh, and chaotic in the real world for us. Very little has been happening on the FMP front as well, so it's been hard to keep going. We are still around, and we do still love it, but we've just been giving new things our focus as we try holding out hope for more.
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Yeah, same. DA just doesn't seem nearly as relevant or good for managing fandom stuff, so I just put my time into Tumblr these days.

Doing pretty good! Not much going on, but just enough to keep me busy. How 'bout you?
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Awesome! I liked the entry and am promoting it in journal here and on my FMP tumblr! I hope you win, you're amazing!
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